Specialty Cakes


Baked Fresh to Order, Never Frozen!

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Rich dark chocolate cake filled with Swedish chocolate truffle and
real raspberry puree
Black Tie Cake
Marble cake filled with Swedish chocolate truffle and
cheese cake filling
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Rich dark chocolate cake filled with
a creamy smooth chocolate fudge
Chocolate Black Out Cake
A very rich chocolate cake layered with rich chocolate truffle
filling. This a chocolate lover’s dream.
German Chocolate Cake
This delicious cake is made with fresh toasted pecans, coconut and
real cream and layered between three layers of rich chocolate cake
Black and White Cake
Chocolate and vanilla cake swirled together and filled with one
layer chocolate butter and one layer of white
vanilla bean butter cream
Vanilla Bean Cake
Moist vanilla cake, filled with your choice of vanilla butter cream
or raspberry
Salted Caramel Turtle Cake
Marble cake filled with caramel mousse, chopped pecans and
topped with chocolate drizzle, caramel and sea salt
Best Ever Banana Nut Cake
Fresh bananas, toasted walnuts and lots of spices with a cream
cheese icing


($10.00 extra)
All of these cakes are made with liquor!
Black Forest Cake
Chocolate cake filled with really whip cream and cherry liquor
and dark red bing cherries
Kahlua Mousse
Marble cake soaked in Kahlua and filled with a Kahlua mousse
Italian Rum Cake
Vanilla bean cake with with a light rum mousse and soaked in
Italian rum
Pink Champagne Cake
Number one seller at Dee’s Bakery! Pink Champagne cake filled
with a light whip cream. Very light and airy! Excellent with any
Tiramisu Cake
White cake with a splash of rum, espresso, and Kahlua and filled
with Tiramisu mousse
Chocolate Stout Cake
Deep rich chocolate cake made with chocolate stout beer and filled
with Swedish Chocolate Truffle
Pistachio Pear Cake
Vanilla bean cake infused with Pear Liquor and filled with a
pistachio mousse


These cake are made with fresh seasonal fruits
Strawberry Shortcake
White vanilla bean cake filled with fresh whip cream and fresh
Zesty Lemon Cake
This cake is made with fresh lemons and lemon zest and is so
refreshing and light and filled with a lemon mousse, lemon butter
cream or raspberry puree
Very Berry Cake ($10.00 extra)
White vanilla bean cake filled with Pastry cream and fresh
seasonal berries. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.
Strawberry Lemonade Cake
Lemonade Cake filled with lemon mousse and fresh strawberries


($10.00 EXTRA)

Apple Cinnamon Cake
Fresh apples, cinnamon, walnuts and spices filled with cream
cheese icing or butter cream
Almond Cake
Rich butter cake made with real almond flavor and iced with
real butter cream
Pumpkin Cake
Pumpkin cake filled with whip cream or spiced butter icing
Carrot Cake
Spices, carrots, nuts, pineapple, sweet coconut flake and iced with
cream cheese icing
Red Velvet Cake
True Southern style red velvet cake filled with cream cheese icing
Coconut Cream Cake
Coconut cake filled with a coconut pastry cream